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Taro Horiguchi

Eccentric super app creator / Born in 1984 / Japan / Programming history 3 years / Self study / I develop apps by myself / Total downloads 150 thousand


Just make 10

Calculate 4 numbers and make 10. Let's make 10 by arithmetically calculating (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing) the four numbers that appear randomly. There are normal mode and time attack mode.

Breakout of fire

It is a nostalgic block breaking game. Items do not appear in the game, but instead I added elements of deathblow technique.


Fish attack the elegantly swimming old guy. Dodge fish attack and earn coins! This is 10-stage game. The difficulty level goes up insanely from stage 9. Don’t freak out and prepare for it.

Other Apps

I have published more than 20 other applications.


Please contact me from Twitter DM.